The Mindanao Franchise Expo is a premier business event that serves as a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and franchisors to showcase their products, services, and investment opportunities in the franchise industry. It is held annually in the vibrant and culturally rich region of Mindanao, Philippines. The expo aims to foster economic growth, promote business development, and create networking opportunities for stakeholders in the franchise sector.

Event Objectives:

Franchise Expansion: The expo provides a conducive environment for established franchises to expand their market reach and attract potential franchisees from Mindanao and other regions in the Philippines.

Entrepreneurship Development: By presenting various franchise options, the event encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to explore franchising as a viable business model and offers them a chance to engage with industry experts.

Investment Opportunities: Investors seeking profitable business ventures find an array of franchise concepts and innovative business ideas to invest in, thus contributing to the growth of local and national economies.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing: The expo offers participants the chance to network with key industry players, learn from successful franchisors, and gain insights through franchise seminars.


The Mindanao Franchise Expo is organized by FIFA Filipino International Franchise Association dedicated to promoting business development and economic growth in the region.

Exhibition Categories:

The expo features a diverse range of industries and businesses across various sectors, including but not limited to:

 – Food and Beverage

 – Retail and Fashion

 – Health and Wellness

 – Education and Training

 – Services and Technology

 – Home and Living

Key Features:

Exhibitor Booths: Franchisors and business owners set up interactive booths to showcase their brand offerings, products, and services to potential investors and entrepreneurs.

Seminar: Franchise experts and successful franchise owners conduct Franchise seminar, covering topics such as franchising best practices, How to select the right Franchise, legal aspects, and financing options.

Business Matching: The expo facilitates business matching sessions, where franchisors meet with interested entrepreneurs or investors to discuss potential partnerships.

Attendance and Impact:

The Mindanao Franchise Expo attracts a diverse audience, including aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, existing business owners, government officials, and industry professionals. Its impact on the local economy is significant, as it stimulates business growth, job creation, and investments in the region.

Venue and Date:

The venue and date of the expo may vary from year to year. It is typically held in one of the major cities of Mindanao, such as Davao, Cagayan de Oro, or General Santos City, to cater to a wide audience from different parts of the island.


The Mindanao Franchise Expo serves as a gateway for franchisors to expand their brands, entrepreneurs to realize their business dreams, and investors to find profitable opportunities. With its focus on fostering entrepreneurship and economic development, the expo plays a vital role in promoting the growth of the franchise industry in the Philippines’ southern region.